Crypto On-ramp

Seamless Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway - Mainstream access to crypto and Web3 services made effortless. Plus, easily cash out in over 50 fiat currencies directly to your bank account.

Pay Your Way - Embrace a world of payment options, both global and local.

Mainstream fiat payments like Visa, Mastercard, mobile wallets, and regional providers.

  • Credit Card
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
Embrace Speed & Security - Accept global fiat payments swiftly and securely, all at a bargain

Unlock the World with 200+ Payment Channels - Users globally can deposit funds through an array of local and international fiat options. We’ve got crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols, wallets, metaverse realms, NFT marketplaces, and other Web3 services covered. A gateway for both rookies and veterans to dive in with their fiat currency

Swift Verification, Seamless Onboarding

A user-centric experience that shuts the door on fraud while rolling out the red carpet for customers.

  • ID Verification
  • Facial Recognition
  • KYC and KYT as a Service
Crypto Off- ramp

Koala Pay Makes It a Breeze - Transition funds from crypto to local fiat effortlessly. Empower users to sell crypto, get swift fiat payouts globally, and skip the hassle. All with ultra-competitive fees, right from your platform.

What do you get from ramp?
Smooth Integration
Keep your users hooked and engaged in your app.
Lightning-Fast Payouts
Fiat processing kicks off in seconds upon crypto receipt.
Diverse Crypto Choices
Your users have the freedom to off-ramp from 50+ cryptocurrencies.
Extensive Fiat Support
Empower users with the option to off-ramp to over 50 fiat currencies.
Unbeatable Rates
Delight your users with the industry's most competitive fees.
Absolute Compliance
Rest easy with our global licenses ensuring 100% compliance.
Koala Pay Off-ramp functions with:
NFT Marketplaces
Empower NFT Aficionados - Let your creators and traders effortlessly transition into their local fiat.
DeFi Protocols
DeFi Simplified - Users juggle funds between crypto and fiat with ease Simplify the process for DeFi users to juggle funds between crypto and fiat with ease.
Play-2-Earn Games
Unlock the Play-to-Earn Potential - Bolster the new gig economy with tangible benefits in crypto and fiat for your gamers.
Crypto Wallets
One Wallet to Rule Them All - Be the all-encompassing wallet that fulfills every whim of your users.
Eager to Dive In?

Discover the magic of integrating our crypto on/off ramps into your platform.