Placing an OTC order with KoalaPay is easy

Via Email:
1. Send an email (from the email address associated with your Koala Pay account) to our support address - [email protected] including the order details e.g.
    a. on-ramp – "Exchange €1,000 for USDT."
    b. off-ramp – "Exchange 1,000 USDT for Euro."

2. Our team will pick up the email request and initiate the Order process in the Payment Gateway on your behalf.

3. Once the Order has been approved by our Compliance team, you will be notified of Order details (including Fees & indicative Rates) and the Payment instructions to initiate the exchange.

4. Upon receipt of funds, the exchange order will be placed and you will be notified of the order fulfillment (including Fees, actual Rates and exchanged amount).

Another option to initiate an OTC Trade order is via our <Koala OTC>.