NFT Purchases Made Effortless with Fiat

Koala Pay's NFT Checkout caters to brands, creators, and marketplaces aiming to simplify NFT access. Let your users snag NFTs using credit, debit cards, or local payment options - as smoothly as any e-commerce checkout.

NFT Buying Reinvented: Swift,Simple&Cost-Efficient

Gone are the days of mandatory crypto, multiple transactions, and hefty gas fees for NFT purchases.

Koala Pay eliminates the sluggish and pricey cross-blockchain moves, bidding farewell to excess crypto leftovers.

Select NFT to purchase
Pay using credit,debit cards,and local fiat payment methods
Receive NFT instantly
Checkout That Transforms Experience

Koala Pay’s NFT Checkout massively streamlines NFT access for everyone, regardless of tech know-how. Ditch the crypto rigmarole of the past and let your users cut to the chase with direct purchases using local fiat.

Effortless NFT Selling Made Simple
Welcome your users
A confused user may not return. We support 300+ mainstream-friendly global and local fiat payment methods.
Zero fraud chargebacks
We employ Forter’s state-of-the-art security to prevent fraud across all payment methods, while ensuring conversions for genuine payments.
Easy to integrate
Because the Checkout is easy to integrate, via Page or API, it is now serving creators and developers on multiple dApps and platforms across the globe.
No KYC verification is required for transactions under 1000 euros within a 90-day period.

Ready to learn more about how we can provide your business with our fiat payment rails?