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Banking and cryptocurrencies kept simple, made safe
Who we are
We are building the best place for your money. A single platform that meets all your financial needs, be it crypto or money. We have worked hard to make your life easy. Our systems are simple to use and our service levels are second to none. We operate to the highest regulatory standards so you can relax and enjoy your money.
What we do?
We put you in control. You make the decisions on when you buy, sell or hold your money and we make sure that process is as simple as possible. We also make sure it’s secure, that's why we decided to be one of the only companies in the sector to be fully regulated.
We back all this up with a human face, why we have a 24-hour call center so you can speak to experts whenever you want. Keep it simple, make it safe.
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Systems audited
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Koala products
Koala Money
A digital money platform that gives you control of your finances and access to the world of cryptocurrency
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Koala Crypto
Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fully regulated environment.
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Koala MTF
Under development. The world's most versatile platform for investing in assets and businesses using blockchain
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What‘s the secret to
Koala‘s success? It‘s all
about our people. Their knowledge
and their drive. Want to join us?
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